We produce plastic and metal parts from 1pc to thousands.

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Our technological equipment

We provide our customers with production on engel, Arburg and injection moulding plants of our own production
The best technology together with our many years of experience will provide you with products of the highest quality.

The production of plastic products is in most cases mainly used for large series of products, approximately in the series 5000-10000pc + per year. However, in our company we can provide you with production of small series up to approximately 5000pc at the best prices even without the need for production forms.

Production on injection moulding moulds takes place on your injection moulds, or if you do not have production moulds available, we can provide them for you.

During production, we provide storage and service of injection moulds.

Production without the need for moulds

Serial production without the need for injection moulds? YES!

Production without the need for moulds will save the cost of production and reduce the delivery of parts from a few weeks to a few days, in some cases delivery is possible even within 24 hours.

Thanks to our technologies, we can provide you with the production of plastic as well as metal components in large series even without the need to produce injection moulds.

If you need fast and inexpensive production of parts, you do not want to invest in the beginning in the production of injection moulds, you are in the right place.

We produce from 1pc to 10000pc+ per week without the need for injection moulds with delivery of the first pieces within 24 hours of ordering.




Advice for you

Do you need advice on the production of plastic components, choose the most appropriate and economical production technology? Write to us or call us, we will be happy to advise you and together we will choose the most suitable production technology for you. Thanks to our technology portfolio, we can provide you with the cheapest and fastest production of plastic components from 1pc to 100,000pcs+ per month. We are engaged in small-batch – prototype production up to large series.


Production of plastic products

Thanks to the latest injection mouldings and technologies in our company, we can provide you with the production of plastic as well as metal components by injection.

Production takes place on injection moulding plants from 5 tons to 160 tons, which can provide us with the production of small as well as large plastic components.

It is especially useful to use injection technology in the production of larger series of components of 5000-10,000pcs+ per year.

In the case of smaller series, we can provide you with the production of functional products using 3D printing technology, with this production technology being fast, efficient and in series up to 5000pcs in most cases more economical than injection production. The first products can be available within 24 hours of ordering.


In the beginning, injection technology was used for the production of plastic components, at present it is possible to produce complex metal components with this technology.

Construction and production of moulds

Do you need to produce parts and do not have forms for production? If necessary, we will provide you with the construction and production of injection moulds.

Completion of products

It often happens that the customer needs to ensure the assembly, riveting, screwing or packaging of his products. In our company we will provide you with complete service, packaging materials and, if necessary, logistics and distribution of your products.

Thanks to the fact that you have all the possibilities from production, storage to completion, we will reduce the cost of your product to a minimum. As a result, this will result in cost reduction, reduction of supply companies and simplification of the production process.

Our partners

Over the course of 3 years, thanks to our technologies, we have gained a lot of experience, friendships and new customers.
We believe that soon you will belong to our other satisfied customers.

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