We build based on many years of experience.

Decades of experience in the engineering industry, product development, design creation for a given production technology or work on machine tools and marketing, our team has fulfilled the many experiences that we have combined into one company and thanks to which together we can handle every challenge of yours from simple production through product design to product launch. In 4 years we have built and brought to the market in addition to i-industry 3 other strong successful brands.

i-industry, a place for your future of production

We established the section i-industry – additive production and innovation as a separate branch within i2-industrial innovations, s.r.o. on 22.7.2017. Since then, we have undergone several expansions and the last time we opened our new production plant in Zvolen with an area of more than 1000m2. We regularly expand our production technologies and our team of experts. Among us we choose experts with many years of experience who are also our friends or former colleagues, we join forces and experiences and thanks to this we build a strong team for the production of the future.


Get to know our team

Head of development, designer, process engineer, head of marketing department, project coordinator, tooler, these are just a few of our friends and former colleagues who have become part of our team. We currently employ dozens of experts and several external researchers, developers and technologists.

Martin Kovaver
Martin KováčikCEO / founder
Expert in 3D printing and development of new products with extensive experience. He knows technology well, knows materials, can advise and invent effective, innovative and economical solutions.
James K
Jakub KukučkaCTO / Director of Production
Designer and technologist of 3D printing with experience in CNC programming, design and excellent technical thinking. He has creative ideas and a professional sense of design that he puts into every project.
Lucia Kováčiková
Lucia KováčikováCFO / Purchasing, Sales and Invoicing Department
Do not hesitate to contact it with your inquiry. It connects your interest with experts and likes to look for creative solutions or logistical paths for the success of the project.
Jaromír Macoška
Jaromír MacoškaProduction / 3D scanning / 3D modeling
Expert in 3D modeling, 3D scanning, 3D printing and laser engraving. He has many years of experience in engineering and rich experience in welding. In addition to modeling and scanning, it provides cutting and engraving with a laser.
František Tóth
František TóthDizajnér
František Tóth is our external inventive designer of product and furniture design. He has years of experience and dozens of innovative and original products.
Maria Bieleschová
Mária Bieleschová Headof Projects and Purchasing and Sales Department
Currently on maternity leave.

Our products

In the previous 4 years, we have produced thousands of products and completed hundreds of projects for our customers.
You can see some of them in our portfolio.

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Our partners

Over the course of 3 years, thanks to our technologies, we have gained a lot of experience, friendships and new customers.
We believe that soon you will belong to our other satisfied customers.

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